Detroit Community Yoga

Mondays: 7:15-8:15pm--Body Garage Yoga with Molly

Saturdays: 8:30-9:30am—Body Garage Yoga with Mary

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Detroit Body Garage is located at

7968 Kercheval, Detroit, MI


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Weekly Yoga Classes

@ Detroit body garage


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Body Garage Yoga is a fusion of alignment-based styles tailored to the needs of the members and athletes who attend classes at the Detroit Body Garage.  From within the Hatha Yoga tradition—where breath, gaze, and movement are linked—students will experience variations of gentle & slow flow sequences along with strategically-placed, faster-paced flows commonly referred to as the vinyasa style. Along with the Hatha Yoga approach, Yin Yoga postures are also incorporated. Yin Yoga increases flexibility and range of motion by holding deep-stretch postures in stillness up to several minutes, which allows practitioners to stretch beyond muscles into fascia, tendons, ligaments and scar tissue. Together, this fusion of styles is tailored for members and athletes to improve mobility, recovery, strength building, and overall flexibility.  In any given class, poses may be sequenced to access targeted areas of the body, targeted peak poses, to cultivate strength, or to increase cardio-pulmonary function.  Body Garage Yoga is a well-rounded approach that will augment athletes’ training regimens and lives by helping develop breathing, mindfulness/meditation, and body awareness via alignment-focused postures. Body Garage Yoga is a training supplement that will help athletes and members reach their BOLD goals.



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